How can I help thank Frontline Workers?

We all owe Frontline Workers so much for their efforts to get us through the last 13 months, providing healthcare, keeping food on tables, and so much more. As a small way we can each say thank you, we have a created a program where you can decline a shirt at registration time and contribute your shirt to help us offer more free registrations to Frontline Workers. Just select Donate shirt during registration.

We’re also seeking partners to fund additional free registrations for Frontline Workers. Please contact us if you or your employer are interested in helping.

I already registered, can I still contribute?  

That's so generous! If you've already registered and still would like to contribute, you can add this item to your cart.  Note, that this item does not include a registration for you; you should only use this option if you have already registered, otherwise the easiest way is to choose this option during the regular registration flow.

How do you define Frontline Worker?

The exact definition varies by state. The general outline is workers who have continued working to serve the public throughout the last year. Typical industries included in these lists: 

  • Healthcare (e.g. nurses, doctors)
  • Grocery (e.g. checkout clerks, stockers)
  • Postal / delivery (e.g. postal workers, delivery drivers)
  • Food production (e.g. meat processing plant workers)
  • Transportation (e.g. bus drivers)
  • Food / vaccine distribution (e.g. food pantry workers)
  • Childcare (e.g. childcare center employees)

👀 This program is on the honor system. If we see evidence or reports of abuse, we reserve the right to adjust or end this program.

I'm a Frontline Worker. How do I apply for a free registration?

To apply, fill out a request below to get in the queue. We're accepting new requests through May 21 Extended to May 26!

When space becomes available, we'll email you with instructions on how to register. You'll have 48 hours to register before we move further down the waitlist. Space is limited, so we're using this system to keep things as fair and easy as possible.

Please note, we're doing our best to match donations to requests; even if we can't offer you a free registration, please know that we are grateful for what you do every day.

Having trouble submitting the form? You can also go directly to the survey site.

Artwork credits

Art is from United Nations Global Call Out to Creatives for COVID-19.  Artists by piece:

Let’s Continue Appreciating Essential Workers by Benjamin Strachan
Thank you key workers by Laura Paice
Thank You Essential Workers by Rachel Frankel
Thank you by Vanessa Santos