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Keep moving

Add pets and track their distance

November 10, 2021 featurespets


Over 40,000 dog walking activities have been logged this fall. Whoa! That's a lot of dog walks!

With our recent update, you can now add pets to your profile (all pets are welcome). Configure their name, upload a cute photo, and after each activity you can select if you've walked with them. Choose from one pet, multiple, or all of them. We'll track their distance, active time and weekly trend in the app.

Have multiple users walking the same pet? Each pet is assigned a unique pet code in the app so other users can add them to their profile and log walks with them.

More to come as we look to create features in the app that make Run Across America more fun for active pet owners. What would you like to see next?

New location for 'My Events'

November 9, 2021 changesapp


Based on user feedback, a change to relocate your events and seasons to a more accessible place in the app. You can now find all your Daily Distance seasons and other one-day race events in the 'My Events' tab. Located in the app's top menu drawer.