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Complete at least 11.3 km and vote by Election Day.

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It's time to get moving and vote. Make a plan and plan to vote in 2020.

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Meet Run Across America

Run Across America is a social enterprise that started in May 2020 by a group of friends to create something positive out of the pandemic. It's like the classic garage start-up story, just over Zoom.

Our goals are to create community across the country and support great causes like Feeding America along the way. Learn more

20,000 event participants to date
$210,000 raised for nonprofits to date

Fall 5k Partners

Our partners helped make this event possible, thank you.

Congratulations to the winners of our partner team giveaways:

Congratulations to Kaylie in MI for winning a Peak Design Everyday Bag
Congratulations to Amy in PA for winning Western Rise accessories
Congratulations to Nina in IL for winning Wander & Co prize pack
Congratulations to the following winners of GO Sleeves e-giftcards valid for either a GO Knee Sleeve or a GO Calf Sleeve
  • Abby in CA
  • Deb in NC
  • Ruth in IA
  • Rachel in PA
  • Diana in TX
  • James in CT
  • Abigail in AL
  • Jennifer in TX
  • Adarsh in OH
  • Hannah in AL
  • Staci in FL
  • Amber in VA
  • Amy in PA
  • Kaylin in CO
  • Suellen in CA
  • Emily in AR
  • Karen in IA
  • Madison in MN
  • Lindsay in OK
  • Nicole in LA
  • Teresa in CA
  • Brad in AL
  • Wendy in GA
  • Caitlin in SC

Go the extra mile

A new way to give: Simply by searching

Support Feeding America and Common Ground Foundation through Give with Bing. Join Microsoft Rewards, and your Bing searches will earn Rewards points that are automatically donated directly to the cause of your choice.

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Turn movement into impact with Vizer

Our partner Vizer helps you make an impact every day for Feeding America just by exercising: 30 active minutes or 10,000 steps each day = a donated meal. All you need is the Vizer app to start contributing.

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