How far is 50km?

This season, you can go farther than you thought possible. With Daily Distance, you set your own goal and make the most of the season. The Run Across America app tracks your progress and keeps you moving with motivation all season long.  But how do you get started? The tools on this page can help you refine your goal and chart a path to achieve it.

Step 1: Set your goal

Whether you think in miles or kilometers, you can figure out about how far you want to go this season with this handy distance converter. Now you know how far 50 km is!

That's a long way!

Step 2: Chart your path

Now, how will you achieve it? One day at a time! Customize the options to match your workout schedule. Once you sign up, you can start recording your distance the same day.

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Assumptions & more info

This tool is only an estimator. You can always log more than the daily suggested distance to get to your goal faster. Or if you want to take a day off, just make sure to make up for it. You can always come back to check the graph after you've run.

What about bonus challenges?
This tool assumes you'll do the bonus challenges on the first day that they're available, and that you won't add any additional distance each day. Of course, you can choose to complete a bonus challenge on a different day or to go the extra mile and add more distance that day.