Why Run Across America?

  • In these stressful times, we could all use a¬†little break to do something fun outside.
  • We can come together to thank Essential Workers and help support Feeding America.
  • Early June is a beautiful time to get outside. ūü§ě

What is a virtual race? How does it work?

Simple! Even though we can't have in-person events, we can still get together virtually. To join the race, you must first register on this site. After registration, you'll get a text with a unique code and instructions to download the Virtual Race app we use for the event. From there you can create a team and challenge friends to join you virtually.

When it's time for the event, you lace up your shoes and activate the race  tracker in the app. It'll let you know as you make progress toward 5 kilometers on whatever route you choose in your neighborhood. After you're done running, we'll show you how you performed versus others on the leaderboard. Challenge a friend and see who's faster. Or just stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Plus, just like a regular race, you can get a t-shirt and medal to commemorate the time.

Why did you choose to support Feeding America?

We've chosen to support Feeding America with this event as they work across the country to help solve hunger and are currently seeing unprecedented demand from the crisis. With their scale and our help, every $1 donation creates 10 meals distributed through more than 200 member food banks. Learn more 

In addition to helping by participating in the event, you can also elect to add an additional contribution for Feeding America during checkout.


Can I register my whole family at once?

As long as any physical items you order (shirts, medals) are set to go to the same address, you can register as many people as you'd like at once. Just add multiple registrations to your cart. We'll send you a unique code per registrant so everyone can set up the app on their own phone.

When does registration close?

We're going to keep registration open as long as we can, through the start of the race.  The earlier you place your order, the more likely you'll receive your shirt in time for race day.

How can I help thank Essential Workers?

We all owe Essential Workers so much for their efforts as they get us through this crisis, providing healthcare, keeping food on tables, and so much more. As a small way we can each say thank you, we have a created a program where you can decline a shirt at registration time and contribute your shirt to help us offer more free registrations to Essential Workers. Just select No shirt in the size selector.

Some people have asked if they can both get a shirt and contribute to free Essential Worker registrations, so we've added that option.  Select your preferred shirt size as you register and add this additional item to your cart.

We’re also seeking partners to fund additional free registrations for Essential Workers. Please contact us if you or your employer are interested in helping.

I'm an Essential Worker. How do I apply for a free registration?

To apply, fill out a request to get in the queue. We're accepting new requests through May 30 ⬅ now extended for new requests through June 3.

When space becomes available, we'll email you with instructions on how to register. You'll have 48 hours to register before we move further down the waitlist. Space is limited, so we're using this system to keep things as fair and easy as possible.

How do you define Essential Worker?

The exact definition varies by state. The general outline is workers who have continued working on the front lines throughout the crisis. Typical industries included in these lists are: 

  • Healthcare
  • Emergency services
  • Food and agriculture
  • Energy
  • Water and wastewater
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Other community-based government operations and essential functions
  • Critical manufacturing

This program is on the honor system. If we see evidence or reports of abuse, we reserve the right to adjust this program.

Does 100% of my registration fee go to Feeding America?

No.  Organizing a fun event (even a virtual one) costs money, from shirts and shipping to technology and marketing.  We use the registration fee to pay those costs and support Feeding America.

How much of the registration fee will be be donated?

We don't know yet.  Like most things, this event gets less expensive to organize per person as more people sign up.  What we can tell you is that there's no fixed percent set aside for admin fees and our team is working to get as much to Feeding America as we can.

We'll share a public update after the event with the total amount we've raised together for Feeding America.

Do you take a cut of the Feeding America contributions?

No.  100% of what you contribute to Feeding America via our site goes to Feeding America. On top of that, Run Across America is also covering the credit card fees that would normally take 3% away from each contribution.

We’re also seeking partners to increase our impact by matching contributions to Feeding America. Please contact us if you or your employer are interested in helping.

Will I receive my shirt before race day?

We're making every effort to make that possible, but we can't guarantee delivery. T-shirts are being printed and shipped as orders come in and we'll have them to you quickly as possible. There may be unexpected delays in production and delivery due to Covid-19 and your shirt may not make it in time. Our best advice is to register as early as possible to improve your chances.  Currently, shirts are shipping about 2 weeks after orders are placed.

Do you have other shirt sizes available?  What about other products like tank tops?

Registration comes with the standard race shirt and it's only available in the sizes listed (a limitation of our shirt supplier).  Thanks to messages from people like you, we've added some additional race merchandise (performance fabrics, tanks, hoodies)  to buy separately from registration.  If there are additional products you'd like to see, let us know!

The app

We're using the Virtual Race app for this event.

How do I get the app?

During registration, you'll give us a mobile number. We'll text you a unique code and link to download the app at that number. We'll also send the same info to your email. Typically, these messages go out shortly after you register (usually within an hour).

If you registered prior to Tuesday, 5/26 your text/email went out on 5/26.

Does the app work with Strava?

The Virtual Race app has everything you need to participate in the event. However, if you already have a fitness recording app of your choice, we can import your tracking information from Strava to use as your race track. It¬†still has to be recorded on the date of the race‚ÄĒSaturday, June 6‚ÄĒand imported to Virtual Race by the end of the event.

Does the app work with my treadmill?

Virtual races work best when you get a chance to get outside and record a GPS track.  We understand that right now, that's not possible for everyone.  If you want to participate and use a treadmill, the app does have an option to manually enter a time for your results, though your time will be marked as manually entered and is subject to review.

Where do I get help setting up the app?

Additional directions and resources are available here.

Race day

What time does the event start?

The beauty of a virtual race is that you get to choose. Our event is on Saturday, June 6 and your race has to start and end during that day, but beyond that it's up to you. To make sure everyone across the country has time to get the race done in their own time zone, you can start any time after 12:01am Eastern Daylight Time and need to be done by 11:59pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. That gives you 30 hours to get your 5 km done!

Do I have to run?  What if I'm not a runner?

You don't have to be a runner to join us!  Sprint, jog, walk, or roll, we're happy to have you in the race.

How do I stay safe while participating?

Keeping you safe is our top priority--that's why we're holding a virtual event. We expect all participants to follow all local, state, and federal laws while participating, which includes abiding by all health guidance and restrictions in your area prior to undertaking any physical activity. These may include minimum distances from other people, crowd sizes, and/or protective gear requirements like masks or gloves. See the latest federal guidance from the CDC.

With your help, we can all stay active and stay safe.

I have more questions!

No problem!¬†Contact us¬†and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.‚Äč

This page was last updated on 6/1