Why Run Across America?

  • Stay motivated and moving this spring with themed challenges all season long
  • Help support Feeding America to keep food on the table for our neighbors.
  • Come together with friends and family near or far to move together
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How does Summer Splash work?

You get to choose a goal (50 to 500km) to achieve between May 29 and August 20.  All season long, you'll record your activities and track your progress with our top-rated app. Along the way, we’ll have bonus events, badges, and more to keep you motivated and moving.


Do I have to run?  What if I'm not a runner?

You don't have to be a runner to participate—you can move however you like! We have more than 20 different activity types, run, walk, walk the dog, roll, bike, elliptical, even kayak. You can mix them up throughout the season or stick with just one activity, it's totally up to you.


Can I use a treadmill?

Definitely! However you move, you can record it with the app.  There’s even a special tracking mode for indoor activities.


What are the bonus challenges?

Your Summer Splash registration includes exciting bonus challenges to help keep you motivated and moving. Each event will earn you a badge, and all of them count toward your overall progress toward your goal. Find out about the challenges as they happen in the Run Across America app.


How do I sign up?

To join—you first register on this site. After registration, you'll get an email with a unique code and instructions to download the Run Across America app that we use for the event. From there you can create a team and challenge friends to join you virtually.



Can I register my whole family at once?

As long as any physical items you order (shirts, medals) are set to go to the same address, you can register as many people as you'd like at once. Just add multiple registrations to your cart. We'll send you a unique code per registrant so everyone can set up the app/enter their info on their own phone. 

🎁 Family deal!  Order 2 or more registrations and save 5%!  4 or more will earn you 10% off.  Savings will apply automatically in your cart. 

💼 Employee engagement!  Bring the whole team together with Run Across America. Learn more and connect with our employee engagement team.


What does registration include?

Your registration includes event entry, access to our exclusive route tracking app, seasonal bonus challenges, and an optional merchandise item (bundle up and add additional items for only $25 each).


When will I receive my shirt and other shipped items?

Most merchandise is shipped near the end of the season, so you have a reward waiting for you as you strive toward your goal.


Do you have other shirt sizes available? What about other products?

Registration comes with your choice of merch. Selections vary by season, but typically include a shirt, medal, and third item.  Size choices are available during registration. Additional products are also available in our Merch shop.


Discounts and passes

How can I save money on registration?

The best way to save money is through our pass program. You can purchase a registration with auto-renew for $50 per season (10% off for having auto-renew), or you can choose to prepay for an annual pass for $220 for 5 seasons (like getting 5 seasons for the price of 4, or 20% off). These options are available on the last step of the registration process before you add to cart.


When do auto-renews process? Why is the date in this confirmation email weird?

Our subscription software hasn't caught up with how we do seasons, so it can appear a bit funky sometimes.  By way of background: Run Across America has five seasons a year, timed to holidays:

    • Spring (Mar/Apr/May)
    • Summer (May/Jun/Jul/Aug)
    • Fall (Aug/Sep/Oct)
    • Holiday (Nov/Dec)
    • Winter (Jan/Feb/Mar)

We like to think of this as "human-based" understanding of time and the seasons. Weather changes, holidays shift, and therefore the dates change a bit each year and aren't on a fixed schedule.

Unfortunately, our computers are not yet that sophisticated, so we manually override the charge dates to align to our seasons. The charges are roughly every 2.5 months, a few weeks before the next season begins. Before any renewal processes, we'll send you an email a few days before to confirm the amount and date of the upcoming charge, as well as a link to cancel if it's no longer the right fit for you.


How do I choose my merchandise each season with auto-renew or an annual pass?

When you have an annual pass or your membership auto-renews, you still get to choose a free piece of merchandise each season. You'll get an email from us a few weeks before a new season starts with a redemption code. Choose what you'd like and we'll reserve your merch. You'll have plenty of time to get set up before the event starts.


Participating in the event

Can my team work toward a shared goal?

Absolutely! You can set a goal for your team and you'll all earn badges when you achieve certain milestones together.


I have more questions!

No problem! Contact us and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.​