The Winter Warmup selfie contest invited you to share your selfie and win great Winter Warmup merchandise. We loved seeing photos of you, your route, and your running companions (so many cute dogs!).  Congratulations to the more than 20 winners who took home Winter Warmup merchandise.


Taken with my front porch goose after a run. I am new to running, but the #winterwarmup challenge has kept me consistent!

Posted by Meagan Bender on Saturday, January 23, 2021


Scott, Alesia, Jamie, Joanna, Tanya, Marisol, Barbara, Anne, Kelly, Laurie, Madeline, Laura, Jill, Tracy, Jamie, Alex, Faith, Diane, Killian, Josie, Pamela, Erin

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Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winner will receive a Run Across America Prize Package.  This includes all of the following items from the Winter Warmup merch collection (a $113 value):

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The Daily Prize is your choice of one of the following items from the Winter Warmup merch collection (up to a $24 value):


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