To get started – we'd like to offer you a free entry to the Spring Start so you can get familiar with the Run Across America app and our Daily Distance events. 


  • Visit Here you can register for the Spring Start and choose your desired event merch. During this step you can also choose to provide an optional donation to Feeding America that we will match dollar-for-dollar. 
  • At checkout, enter the discount code provided to you to take $45 off your standard Daily Distance entry (shipping is free). Once your order is submitted you'll receive an email with a unique code and instructions on how to get started.



As an affiliate you have the option to build out a custom team where you can define a custom team code, image, and description. Your team will be a non-featured public team and share a similar look to our featured teams that are reserved for partners like Feeding America and The Runner Box.


In a reply email  please let us know your desired custom team parameters listed below. 

  • Team Code (ex. TEAMYOURNAME): Don't let your efforts go unnoticed! Your unique team code is very important as it is used to track how many new participants are registering for your team. We suggest keeping it simple and easy to remember! 
  • Team Image: You can submit a custom team image for us to approve and assign to your team. This should be a square image that is no less than 200x200px.
  • Team Description: If you'd like to set a description on your team you can submit one for approval and insertion on your team page. Descriptions are limited to 180 characters. This is optional and you can choose to add a description later if you'd like. 



We're excited that you're interested in helping us promote a fun and active lifestyle while providing to a great cause like Feeding America. In 2020, we donated over $430,000 to Feeding America with the help of our participants and we are off to a great start in 2021!

Feel free to promote Run Across America to all or any of your personal channels (social media, friends and family, co-workers, book club, you name it!). We request that you do not solicit registrations for your team through our official Run Across America social media channels, posts, or sponsored posts. However, community is what we're all about! We'd be happy to see you to connect with and encourage other participants on our social media pages/posts. 

Some example posts might look like... 

  • Sharing your initial involvement in the event and what Run Across America means to you (giving back to Feeding America, staying motivated, an easy way to track your activity). 
  • Sharing a badge you earned on the app to social media and celebrating your achievement while encouraging others to join you! 
  • Sharing an event selfie from our app with your thoughts on that particular activity.
  • Asking others to join your team so you can work together to reach a cumulative team goal. There's team badges to earn at 1000 and 5000km. Work together with your team to earn them and motivate each other to stay active.
  • Get creative! The sky is the limit! 


Our tracking and payment model for affiliates is very straight-forward. Before getting started – make sure you're able to provide a valid PayPal address to receive any commissions. We can only provide payment of commissions through a valid PayPal account. 

We will provide you 10% commission on all registrations that are completed using your unique team code. This means 10% of the $45 or $60 Spring Start (or $170 Daily Distance Annual Pass) registration fees collected during checkout. You will not receive commission on any additional Feeding America donations or merchandise purchases made by the registrant (ex. medals, mugs, stickers). 

Remember! To be counted towards your affiliate commissions, each registrant MUST register using your unique team code. They cannot register and join your team later! To help with encouraging users to use your team code during signup – we'll provide you with a special link that will auto-populate your team code when users visit our site to register.

Upon conclusion of the Spring Start we will provide you with a list of registrants that signed up using your unique code and are being counted towards your affiliate commission. A payment will be sent to your PayPal account within 14 business days after the official end date of the event.

By participating in this affiliate program you are agreeing to receive payment for your efforts through only a valid PayPal account. Additionally, Run Across America reserves the right to terminate your affiliate status at any time.


If you hit any headwinds along the way – reply back to the email you received from our Run Across America team member!