Why is my bib blank?

Why is my bib blank?

Your Run Across America race packets have started shipping for 2021!  In the race packet you'll find a bunch of awesome goodies—a sweet shirt, info on how to access our app, a thank you from our partners at Feeding America, and a race bib.  That's awesome!  You'll probably quickly notice that the bib looks different from other races: it's blank.

This page intentionally left blank

The blank space isn't a mistake.  We left it there so you can add something meaningful to you for the race. You can choose a lucky number or your team name, but consider digging deeper:

Maybe express what the sacrifices that Frontline Workers make every day—in healthcare, delivery trucks, grocery stores, daycares, research labs— mean to you. Or a meaningful person in your life who's taken care of you or stood up for you during hard times.  Or your joy at getting vaccinated.

Inspiration gallery

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Practical tips

  • The bib is made of Tyvek to be comfortable to move in.  Many people prefer to crumple the bibs up before pinning them on to ensure it's as soft as possible. 
  • When you're filling in the blank space, we recommend a bold permanent marker like a Sharpie to make sure others can read.
  • Safety pins are the best way to attach the bib to your race shirt for the event.
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