What bonus challenges are included in Holiday Hustle 2022?

Bonus holiday events keep you motivated

Stay motivated with fun challenges timed to line up with holiday celebrations throughout the season. All four events are included with your Holiday Hustle registration.

Turkey Trot 2022

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a classic 5k fun run, walk, or pedal.  Opens Wed Nov 23, log your activity by Sun Nov 27.

Hanukkah Hike 2022

Eight crazy nights mean it's time to get moving! This year's Hanukkah challenge: complete 8 activities during the holiday! Challenge opens on Sunday, 12/18 at 4pm ET and your activities need to be logged by Tuesday, 12/26 in the evening.

Christmas Chase 2022

Whether you’re dashing to the store for a last-minute item, dancing around the tree taking it all in, or prancing around the block for a stretch post-feast any run or walk counts. Log your 2K between 12/23 and the end of Christmas day.

Kwanzaa Quest 2022

Seven nights of Kwanzaa and the seven Nguzo Saba principles mean it’s time to celebrate with a new challenge. Log 100 minutes of activity between 12/26 and 12/31 to complete this challenge. It’s the perfect way to close out 2022 and Holiday Hustle. 

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