Join Ben's team

Join Ben's team

Ben Miller is hosting a public team in the Spring Start.  You can join him in the event and see exclusive updates on the team: (team code BENSTEAM in the Run Across America app). 

Ben is a disabled Navy veteran and creator of the Donate My Weight program, an international philanthropic movement that has benefited food banks around the world. Ben reached out to us after being introduced to Run Across America by his sister and we're honored that he has embraced our virtual races.


"I can walk my km where I'm comfortable and at my own pace, allowing me to reach my goals. Over the years, due to spinal damage, RA, and Meniere's Disease, I had to begin using a cane, so I'm really not fast at all, but I'm moving and hitting milestones I never thought was possible. I did a 5k at 430 lbs...THIS is the piece of the puzzle I've been missing and  I AM going to finally finish what I started back in 2008.
I'll lose all the weight, make another donation to the food bank, and I do it through healthy eating and Run Across America's virtual challenges. I even bought a commercial treadmill from a local gym and had it delivered to my house to make sure I have everything I need. 
I can't thank you enough for what you all are offering people with these virtual challenges."

Join Ben Miller's team (TEAM CODE: BENSTEAM) to support him and others on their weight loss journey. 

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Welcome to the team! I’m so excited to see everyone really embracing the challenge and moving forward towards their goals. We’re all doing it in our own way and at our own pace, making small steps in a journey to better health and improved fitness!


I FINALLY added my name to your team. Good friend of jacaline wolf who registered me for your team. I did 3 walks this week with many more to go. !!!! I admire you and thank you for creating this opportunity for us!

Kate Hauck

Way to go Ben! We’re excited to be on your team!!!


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