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Turkey Trot FAQs

How does the Turkey Trot 5k work?
The Turkey Trot 5k is an optional bonus challenge in the Holiday Hustle. You'll need to run/walk the 5 km all at once to complete it. 
If you're using our in-app tracker, it will automatically let you know when you've reached 5km and record your Turkey Trot 5k result.
How do I start the Turkey Trot 5k?
The Turkey Trot 5k is included with your Holiday Hustle registration and is open for you through Sunday in the Run Across America app:
Does the Turkey Trot 5k count toward the overall challenge?  
Yes! The 5km from the Turkey Trot counts toward your overall challenge distance. 
How many times can I run the Turkey Trot 5k?
You've got one chance to run the Turkey Trot 5k. If you start off on the wrong foot or encounter a problem while underway, you can reset before you finish and try again later. In the tracker, tap Stop, then Problem? then Restart to get back to the home screen and start again when you're ready.
Can I run less than 5k?
Your Turkey Trot needs to be 5km as that's the event distance. If you want to add a longer or shorter distance to your Holiday Hustle overall goal, you can still use the normal Add some km button to do that. That button is available before and after you complete the optional Turkey Trot. 
When is the Turkey Trot deadline?
You have until Sunday night to record your Turkey Trot 5k. Don't worry—you still have until New Year's Day to reach the whole Hustle 50km goal!
Are Turkey Trot 5k bibs available?
For sure! Trot in style by downloading and customizing a bib here.