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Race resources

Build your teams for race day

Here are some ideas for how to help spread the word about the Fall 5k.  The more people join us, the greater our collective impact and the more Teachers we can thank together.

1. Create a team

Race day is more fun with friends.  In the Run Across America app, you can invite friends to join your team (there's also a link on your Order Status page).  On race day, you can cheer each other on, share finish line selfies, and compete for the fastest time.

You can join as many teams as you like.  On the Teams page of the app, you'll find options to create a new team or join an existing team.


2. Spread the word

To direct family and friends to your team specifically, use the Invite button in a team page to generate a custom link.

Send a personal email or call

These days, it's great that we're all checking in with each other.  But if you're like us, sometimes you run out of news to talk about with far-flung relatives.  And we could all certainly use bright spots in our inboxes.  With the Fall 5k, there's something new to talk about!  One to one communication is great for sharing about the event and how you're getting ready.

Challenge your colleagues

If you're lucky enough to have a job where you can work from home, challenge your colleagues to join you!  Everyone could use a break from the unending video conferences.  Have a competition with other teams about who can sign up the most participants.

Share on social media

This is why they invented Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We've found that social media can be a great way to share the race with family and friends.  A few tips - it helps to add a personal story, it's way more likely that your friends will join you if you share a story about why you're participating.  For those who need some motivation, your friends can also keep you accountable in your training if you share regular updates.

Sharing on your Instagram Story?  Search "Fall 5k" to find some awesome Run Across America stickers.


3. Have a great time!

A virtual race can still be a social one. Coordinate with your team on some of these fun ideas:

  • Phone tag relay Set an order for a virtual relay. You can’t start the race until someone else from your team calls to say they’re done and hands you a virtual baton.
  • Start together Video chat with your team and have someone call a start so you all begin at the same time.
  • Post-race Happy Hour After the race, have a video call with your team to share stories of the route and unwind together.
  • Best dressed Have a competition for most creative homemade race bib or race outfit.