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Everyone could use some inspiration. Here are some inspiring stories of teams, teachers, and others coming together for the Fall 5k.

Team Spotlight: Saltines across seven states

Creating community in states all across the map, meet Team Saltines. Yes, that's saltine, as in saltine crackers. As team captain Monique says, they're a little salty, but a very versatile, resourceful group—just like the kitchen staple. More from Monique:

A supportive group, seven states strong

"The Saltines are a group of friends who met online while planning our weddings. Most of us got married in 2017/2018. We all went through the wedding planning process together and now we've been together as we all grow into better careers, becoming parents (fur and human babies alike), and buying homes. We have been through so much together and it was only fitting to name the team after this incredible group of women.

I had my first son in August 2019 and running has been a big part of learning to love myself and bounce forward after being pregnant. This 5k is something I thought I'd do on my own, but when I mentioned it to my friends, they all rallied behind me in support.

Our 5k team consists of these women, my husband, my childhood best friend, one of her good friends, a good friend from my college years and her husband! My team is made up of some of the kindest, smartest, wonderful people I've ever met and I'm so honored that they are doing this with me. We're spread across 7 states, so it's very meaningful to be able to do something together like this."

Educator spotlight: Kindergarten teacher in Texas

Meet Valentine, a Kindergarten teacher from Texas who will be running in the Fall 5k thanks to the generosity of runners who donated their shirts.

Thank you, Valentine

I was so sad that I didn’t get to see my sweet kiddos graduate Kindergarten. Waiting for the SWEET day I’ll be able to hug them safely and let them know how proud they make me. Thank you so very much for doing this for teachers!

Team spotlight: "We've Got This" in New Hampshire and Vermont

Sometimes, you just need something fun to look forward to. Team "We've Got This" started as some friends and coworkers, but has expanded to be a place for their whole town to come together (at a safe distance, of course). From a town straddling the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, here's team captain Shauna of "We've Got This" to explain:

A whole town comes together to move as one

"We've Got This" has a double meaning for us. We've got this as in we can run this race and beat the record and we've got this as we can beat this Covid-19 and still get out there and run.

As far as how we know each other, it's expanded from my coworkers and friends to our whole town. Some I know from running, some from work, my friends, family and friends of friends.

I decided to do this run to give our town some hopeful, active event to do while this pandemic is going on. The Fall 5k is great motivation to get moving again and I'm very glad that I found it.

Educator spotlight: Paraprofessional/Aid in Connecticut

Meet Tammy, a Paraprofessional in Connecticut who will be running in the Fall 5k thanks to the generosity of runners who donated their shirts.

Thank you, Tammy

I love my job and miss seeing my coworkers and all the kids. I need some normalcy. We all need a little normalcy in our lives right now and school may have to be that place where it starts. Thank you!

Team Spotlight: The FSPY Triathletes in New Jersey

With gyms and community spaces closed or operating very differently to keep everyone safe, the Fall 5k is a way to get back together. Here's Coach Bridget of the FSPY Triathletes to explain what they're doing:

Keeping the team together outside the gym

We are representing the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA = FSPY. Our Y shut down in March due to Covid, but is slowly reopening and offering more programs.

It has been difficult to get pool time, and cycling is done in small groups or at home on trainers. Once the stay-at-home orders were lifted in NJ, we resumed weekly run workouts, with appropriate social distancing, as a way to reunite.

As coach of the group, having a fall 5k goal is helping motivate the group, as every triathlon and other event has been cancelled this year. Triathletes are so very goal oriented, it has required great patience to remain hopeful that our sport will return in full some day.

Educator spotlight: Behavior Specialist in North Carolina

Meet Kira, a Behavior Specialist in North Carolina who will be running in the Fall 5k thanks to the generosity of runners who donated their shirts.

Thank you, Kira

Running is providing a great stress relief during this crazy time. Thank you for supporting teachers and helping us through this!

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