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Support Feeding America

With your help, Run Across America raised $470,000 for Feeding America in its first year.  That's the equivalent of 4.7 million meals! At the same time, the food insecurity crisis has only deepened across the country:

  • 1 in 9 Americans faced food insecurity before the pandemic. During 2020, that rose to 1 in 7.
  • Significant racial disparities exist in food insecurity; 1 in 5 Black Americans may experience it in 2021

In addition to your donations and our 2x match, you can increase your impact with our partner Give with Bing

Support Feeding America simply by searching

Support Feeding America through Give with Bing. Join Microsoft Rewards, and your Bing searches will earn Rewards points that are automatically donated directly to the cause of your choice.  So far they've donated more than $6 million!

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You can also join the Give with Bing race team to show your support.

Hunger doesn't have to happen. Thank you for all of your help so far; we're looking forward to creating more impact together with you, Microsoft, Niantic, and all of our partners.

Thank Frontline Workers

We all owe Frontline Workers so much for their efforts to get us through the last 13 months, providing healthcare, keeping food on tables, and so much more.

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