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Run Across America is a mobile fitness community that gets moving together and supports great causes along the way. 68,000 people have participated, and together we've contributed 6.2 million meals to combat hunger in the US.

When you join our Daily Distance program, you get access to 2x matches. We've just added World Central Kitchen to the match, as they serve thousands of fresh meals for Ukrainians fleeing, as well as those staying behind. As you register for Spring Start, we'll match your WCK gift dollar for dollar (up to $50!),

Get moving to contribute

Together we've raised more than $25,000 for World Central Kitchen and sent the first check.  Thank you for your help so far 

Photo credit: World Central Kitchen/

Limited-edition designs

Our team has also designed limited-edition Support Ukraine merchandise where 100% of the proceeds go to World Central Kitchen.

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